Introduction to the history of Allevo

Allevo originally was an opensource cost calculation software focused on the usage in companies.
It started as a school project, out of a deal with a student cafe and soon grew into my own little pet project.

Work started somewhere around January 2008 and since then work has continued to improve the Allevo suite even further.

The first stable version of Allevo I (1.2.0) was released around 5 months after the work
started in the beginning of July.

Allevo II started one year after with the aim to create an educational software for students in a
higher technical school called "HTL Spengergasse" (Vienna), to learn the basics of doublebookkeeping.

Allevo I was meanwhile continued with the target to release version 2.0 with an improved Ui and featureset.

Meaning of the word Allevo

The word Allevo is latin and means something like ease. With this concept in mind I started designing the userinterface of Allevo I and the same concepts are still in use for Allevo II.

After all our main concept is: "KISS" - Keep it Simple, Stupid :-)

Group members of the Allevo II team

  • Bernhard Friedreich - project founder, developer and heart of this project
  • Richard Lagler - project leader, developer and documentation writer
  • Christian Fleck - developer
  • Peter Nirschl - developer
  • David Madl - developer
  • Oliver Elias - documenation writer